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Premium Dog Training Collar & Bark Collar Manufacturer

Patpet is a manufacturer of dog training collars, focuses on dog training collars since 2014, bringing professional pet retailers and wholesalers an exquisite range of quality dog training collars and bark collars. Here over 30% of staff belongs to R&D team, We spend 8% of our annual turnover on R&D, Patpet is the first one who uses blind operation and mute buttons into dog training products. With strictly quality control the product defect rate is below 4%. Now Patpet is the best rank on Amazon of dog training collars and we are working with Petspy, Bousnic, Chewy, etc. We're also the long-term cooperated supplier of Tractor Supply Company(NASD: TSCO, a USA listed company), gaining over 50% Compound Annual Growth Rate.


Long term cooperation is our belief, and we are firmly convinced with the idea that via constantly building mutual connection, trust and acceptance with our customer, supplier and partner, our road will be wider in future.

We Design. We Create. We Innovate.

Patpet is a patent-winning factory offering domestic and international clients exceptional service through design innovation and product development. From laboratory research and innovation to production implementation, our R&D Dept. supported by pet experts, has the skills and capabilities to deliver novel and market-leading pet training products.

We Care about the Health of Pets.

We are not a dog product supplier. The purpose of any training equipment is not to tame dogs. We spare no effort in making pets live a better life, integrating them into society, ensuring their safety, and enabling them to get along well with other dogs and human beings.

We Keep High Quality in Mind.

Currently selling in China, Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK, our brand is known for quality and innovation. We insist that every dog training collar and bark control we produce is made using exclusively the highest quality materials available, and constructed with the best manufacturing techniques. Our products are made from ABS/PP material, making them nontoxic, safe, compliant with all relevant standards, and ready for sale in all countries.

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Everything we do at Patpet, from the way we provide you with suitable solutions to the way we introduce a new product, is underpinned by our core values.

Our History

We are good at what we do, but don't just take our word for it.

We aim at long term cooperation, and we are firmly convinced that we can have a brighter future with mutual connection, trust and acceptance with our customers, suppliers and partners.

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