How to Get a Patpet Wholesale Account

♥ ♥ Important 

For Amazon Market, we only accept customize your LOGO. and CANNOT under the same listing.

As the most popular dog training collars manufacturer on Amazon in 2020, Each day sold training collars about 3500 pcs on Amazon.

We are wholesale training collars,  also working with TSC, Chewy, Petspy, etc. we helped them to increase a lot and this year has been purchasing from us over 200K pieces about several million amounts.

Now we have a project for 2021: To build the next million partners as the offline market.

In 2021, Patpet will launch more and more new products. The target market will be focus on offline markets in different countries, now we are accepting dog collar distributors and wholesalers. (Each state will take 1-3 companies as offline local agent)

If you have your own store/warehouse or any channel for wholesale&distribution, and interested in the dog training collars, please spending 2 minutes to read the way of cooperation.

1. What is the Patpet cooperation advantage

  1.  Top rank on Amazon of dog training collars, over 3500 pieces per day
  2.  Partners: Petspy, Bousnic, TSC, Chewy, etc
  3.  Industry’s lowest return rate
  4.  Strong R & D capabilities, over 30% staff here belongs to R&D, will launch 6-10 models per year. QC and PMC worked at Xiaomi and Huawei
  5. Professional after-service team
  6. Support OEM & ODM

2. What is the Cooperation Modes

Online: Amazon、Wish、Ebay, own website, etc.

♦ Amazon: To protect the customer, only can sell collars with customer’s logo or without logo, cannot sell with PATPET logo and sell under others listing

♦ Other online platforms: without any logo limited

Offline: Chain stores, physical shops, wholesale & distribution

♦ No any limitations of models and logos

♦ Each state will not accept more than 3 companies

3. What is the Cooperation Request

a. MOQ:1000 pcs

b. All partners need to comply with our pricing control to make each agent get enough profit.

c. Complete the agent application form for evaluation

4. What You Can Get from Patpet

  1. Guarantee the Profit Price

Higher than market quality standards but lower than market price standards to support each agent, different levels of agent will get different profit percent.


  1. Agent Protection Rules

In each state, we could only accept 1-3 wholesalers or distributors as local agents.

We could start from some states as exclusive for some models as the beginning. In fact, here so many customers asked that do we have any distributors or wholesalers there in the US? But we haven’t allowed anyone to become it yet. To be frank, at present we only have some good partners who do business on Amazon. But US Offline customers only have like Chewy and TSC.So we believe that this is an amazing chance if you have a sensitive market sense.


  1. Save your After-Service Time

To save your time and cost, for the first year each unit you sold, your customer could contact us through our website to get contact with our after-service department. If any problem with quality, all they need to do it’s contact us and show the issue then we will handle that for you. Or after we confirm if it is quality problem, just deliver it back, and we will give them one more new for free.

From the second year, any problem with quality, please take a note and make a statistic every month then send us, we will evaluate then provide you the corresponding compensation

It is available to return 100% if any problem with quality.

Valid time: within 6 months.

After you created a case, it will be replied within 24 hours.

5. How to Get Wholesale Training Collar Account

Interested in being Patpet dog training collars wholesaler? Would like to wholesale dog collar?
Fill in the agent application form for evaluation, we will reply to you within 8 hours.

One important thing to protect the customer business: if you want to sell on Amazon, please make sure you only sell customize logo, and cannot under the same listing.

Patpet 作为在2020年AMAZON最热门的驯狗器、止吠器生产商之一,在2020年这个特殊的一年里开发了四款专利驯狗器:650. 651.680.370,畅销于amazon, chewy, alibaba各大平台. 供应市场遍布于美国、加拿大、荷兰、日本等。在2021年,Patpet 将会推出新品690,目标市场是专注于各国的线下平台,广招分销商。




… …

只要你想,Patpet 能帮你实现你想要的



Patpet 占有驯狗器行业的x%份额,在Amazon 排名前三,与Petspy,Wellturn, Lu&Ba, Bousinc等各大品牌合作


Patpet 在澳大利亚、美国都有分点。保证可以就近提供优质的服务


所有产品给过xxx测试,均在发货前进行全检,保证品质,并通过FCC, CE,等证书。1年的产品售后

R&D 团队

Patpet 拥有20多人的研发团队,超过10个工程师是有10多年的研发经验,独立开发的能力,曾在海信、TCL, 同方等品牌公司任职







Patpet 目前有两种合作模式

  • 线上模式:Amazon, xxx …
  • 线下模式:当地商超, xxx …


1. 合作方法:付款方式,

2. 限制:



3. 要求:




1. 合作方法:付款方式,快递,

2. 限制:



3. 要求:


MOQ, PATPET的品牌可以320pcs起订,OEM 为1000cs

4. 你能得到:


5. 额外的福利:

为支持当地的市场销售,所有产品售后可以走patpet的渠道,即客户在使用时有遇到问题可以联系我们官方的电话售后,减轻商超的售后压力。首次订单(或累积订单)达到 $xxx 可以申请折扣福利,折扣福利会直接在下次订单时直接扣除。

看到这段文字首先要恭喜你已经看完我们的代理政策啦,为了感谢你的信任,Patpet 在首次下单时申请了一个额外的开wholesale account的活动 — “样品免费” “样品免费” “样品免费” 




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