3 Steps to Pair the Patpet Dog Training Collar [Video Guide]

What is Patpet Collar

As one of the largest dog training collar suppliers in China, the Patpet R&D team has produced a variety of patented products. As a dog training device, it can be classified into 3 types in terms of function.

  • The first category is remote dog training collar, such as shock dog collar, no shock dog collar.
  • The second category is an anti-bark collar, which uses spray, vibration, and other functions to stop barking dogs from shouting.
  • The third category is ultrasound to control the dog barking.

This article talking about the first category: Remote Control Wireless Dog Training Collar. This is a dog collar that buzzes, vibrations, and has or does not have an electric shock function.

What is the Patpet Dog Training Collar's Feature

  • 3 training modes: beep(also tone), vibration, and shock. Some modes of the training levels  can be adjustable
  • Blind operation design: prevent accidental touch design
  • LED screen: easy to find the level of function adjustment
  • 2 in 1: each remote control can train 2 dog collar, it is for optional
  • Waterproof: normally the remote control of the dog collar is rainproof, the receiver is IPX7 waterproof, which means the dog can wear it to swimming

How to Pair Patpet Dog Collar

Step 1. Prepare

Press and hold the ” On/Off ” Button until the Green LED flashes every second on the collar receiver. ( This continues for 16 seconds, within which pairing should be completed.)

Step 2. Pair

Press and hold the ” TONE and VIBRA” Button ( some models only need to press ” Tone” button) of the Remote Transmitter at the same time until the Green LED Light on the Receiver Collar flashes rapidly for 5 times, indicating pairing is completed.

Step 3. Test

Press any of the tone/vibrate/shock buttons on the remote transmitter. The receiver collar should respond accordingly, verifying that it is paired with the transmitter.


Video Guide

More Other Pairing Videos:  Youtube Channel


1. If the shock function does not work, please check the battery level first.

2. Do not attach the dog leashes to this collar.

3. Avoid leaving the receiver on the dog for more than 12 hours per day, It is recommended to use within 6 hours.

4. To re-position the receiver on the pet’s neck every 1 to 2 hours.

5. Check the dog’s skin condition every day.

Strictly abide by the product use recommendations, the collar is safe for your dog. Every dog training collar is made using exclusively the highest quality materials available and constructed with the best manufacturing techniques.

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