How to Use Shock Collar

Do shock collars really work on dogs

A dog shock collar fits like a standard dog collar. But it has a receiver attached, with two metal prongs protruding from it that rest against the skin on a dog’s neck.

The dog’s handler uses a remote control to trigger a static electric shock from those prongs to the dog’s skin.

The remote control usually allows the handler to adjust the strength and duration of the shock.

Some collars can deliver shocks up to 45 volts – enough to cause lasting burns and damage to the skin, as well as significant pain.

What is the most effective shock collar for dogs

An effective dog training shock collar has different modes including vibration, beep, and shock. It depends on the owner which mode he/she chooses for training a dog. The “shock” feature does not have to be necessarily used in all situations. If a dog has aggression issues, then this feature can be used. The stimulation level can be controlled through the remote, but it is important to avoid harming your dog. The shock collar as the remote control allows for more precise training.

If you have been seeking means to train your household dog like a professional at your backyard or a nearby park, then the Patpet rechargeable dog shock collar is your destination. You can find customer reviews here.

Do vets recommend shock collars

In the dog loving community, dog shock collars are controversial. Some owners are completely against using them, others believe there’s a time and place for using dog training collars. And some people are still confused whether it’s humane to use these devices.

Proponents of shock collars say that the jolt the dog receives from a collar is not painful at all. It merely grabs their attention so that a behavioral correction can be made. Those who oppose their use feel that the shock can be very painful, and is actually counterproductive to training because of the additional anxiety to the dog.

They are a last resort, shock collars should never be used lightly. Dog owners should try using positive punishment and reward first to change the dog’s behavior. But, some dogs don’t learn through positive reinforcement.

No matter what training tools you decide to use, the intended purpose is to help your dog, whether it’s to stop him from barking unnecessarily or to keep him from harm’s way. This applies when using a shock collar or any training collar.

How to Use a Shock Collar Correctly

How to Use Dog Shock Collar - Patpet

Different shock collars have different settings. Here is introduce the patpet dog training shock collar. This is one of the most popular brands on the world. It is also very simple to set up.

First: Prepare 

1. Install battery on the Remote and Receiver

2. Switch the “Dog 1” channel on remote

3. Turn on the remote & turn off the receiver collar

Second: Pair

Step 1. Press and hold “ON/OFF” button on the receiver for 4-5 seconds, then you will find red&green led blink about 10s, it means ready for pairing.

Step 2. Press and hold “Tone” and “Vibrate” button at the same time for 2-3 seconds, the receiver collar flashes green for 5 times, it indicating successful pairing.

Third: Test Functions

Now you can test the dog collar’s functions, such as the “tone” “vibrate” “shock” “tone+vibrate”. When test shock function you can be using Test Lamp

Shock Collar Tips and Advice

For the best training effect, select the correct contact points based on the dog’s fur

If the Dog thick fur, using long contact point and conductive silicones
If the Dog thin fur, using short contact point and conductive silicones

For the training collar

After fitted, if you can put a finger between the receiver collar and the dog’s neck, it means correct. Too loose or too tight will hurt dog’s skin or breathe hard.


When using the electric shock function for the first time, please start from the lowest level, then increase level gradually to your dog can accept and change the bad behavior

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