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As an alternative to spray and shock collars, anti-bark vibration collars send vibrations that signal the dog to control dog barks. Compared to our peers, we equip our collars with two sensors that release vibrations once the dog will exceed a certain decibel.

All of our collars have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, waterproof certification, and UL testing to guarantee your end-users’ trust. At bulk prices, our collars can save you on costs while increasing your profits. Work with us today.

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  • A02

    Dog training anti-bark collar A02

    • 9 levels adjustable for vibration (012345678A)
    • 3 levels adjustable for sensitivity(123)
    • Tone & Vibration commands
    • Battery Powered (AAA 800 mah battery)
    • IPX5 water proof
    • Multi-sensor detection

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Accurate Bark Detection

Automatically Stop Barking

Equipped with dual bark detection technology, our collars allow for more accuracy and consistency in dog bark control.

Your end users will no longer waste time training dogs because our automatic bark collars can help dogs learn how to stop barking without the participation of their owners or trainers.

Our dog bark collars are effective in reducing or eliminating nuisance barking with careful and proper training. Such a valuable quality can raise sales for this type of dog collars and grow your business.

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Key Features

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    Humane Collar With 2 Modes

    Training goals can be achieved using sound and vibration, and is safe for dogs to wear  to follow international safety standards.

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    Intelligent Design

    Our collars come with smart bark sensors that can only be triggered by your user’s dog sound and not affected by other barks.

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    Adjustable Strap Size

    Our collars can be easily adjusted to suit various dog sizes and breeds, particularly for medium-sized and large dogs.

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    Durable Material

    A flexible and sturdy material, ABS/PP is highly durable and helps adjust collar size while resisting harsh conditions.

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    Waterproof Design

    Our ingenious collars can perform well in any weather condition thanks to our waterproof technology with product assembly and component sealing.

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    Long Lasting Battery

    Charge the collar for 2 hours and your end users can use it for 8 days, which means it can be used for longer periods while saving up on energy cost.

Discover How Our Anti Bark Vibration Collars Work

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Your Benefits by Partnering With A Strong Factory

  • Customized Solutions

    Product customization solutions include appearance, packaging, and accessories modification. With our solutions, you can order products suited to your target market with ease.

  • Lower Refund Rate

    Due to strict quality control, we have a refund rate of less than 4%, which is much lower than 5-6% of some branded manufacturers in the market.

  • Large Order Discount

    Buy more, save more. We offer volume discounts based on the size of your order. This helps increase profits for your business.

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