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Equip dog trainers and owners with our specialized bark shock collars made to help dogs minimize barking and other unwanted behaviors. The shock is gradually strengthened from the second to the tenth barks.

All of our bark shock collars strictly comply with international regulations that ensure that minimal to no pain is inflicted with the use of electric shock. Customized to your preferences, our designer collars help express your brand identity to interested customers.

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Effective Bark Collars for Those

Who Are Busy or Not Equipped with Training Knowledge

Busy trainers or beginners who lack professional knowledge can use our shock collars easily.

As a humane tool for training, our bark shock collars emit an extremely low voltage automatically to stop dogs from barking and encourage proper behavior.

To avoid false triggers and ensure safety, our bark collars come with two sensors that will trigger the static only when the dog barks and makes a strong motion.

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Key Features

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    No False Trigger

    The particular triggering sensor will detect  more precisely so that this bark collar will Only activates when the dog barks.

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    3 Stop Anti Barking Modes

    Users can choose the most efficient mode and intensity levels from the beep, vibration (level 1-8) and shock (level 1-16) modes to correct the dog’s barking, aggression, and other behavioral issues

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    Gentle yet Effective Correction

    Our bark control products are engineered and quality tested to be humane and effective for any breed of dogs before delivery.

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    Effective Training

    Our smart collars are designed to quickly and efficiently change dog’s barking behavior through a small shock, vibrations and warning beeps.

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    Fully Waterproof

    The exceptional product assembly and water resistance of our collars make it withstand any weather condition and durable for dog’s outdoor activity.

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    Suitable for Various Dog Sizes

    Thanks to the flexible material, our dog collars fit effectively on small and medium to large and extra-large dogs of any breed.

Discover How Our Bark Shock Collars Work

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Your Benefits by Partnering With A Strong Factory

  • Reputable Suppliers

    We source materials and components for our collars from trusted suppliers that have undergone thorough through screening, which allows us to guarantee quality and secure wider customer trust.

  • Industrial Expertise

    Our understanding of market preferences for dog bark collars allows you to reach out and meet various needs, such as the US demand for static collars.

  • Sample Fee Deduction

    When you place an order, our sample fee is deducted and you will get free samples, allowing for greater cost-effectiveness for your business.

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