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Patpet dog spray training collar is a safe and efficient means of correcting pets’ disruptive or undesirable behavior. Owners can release a citronella mist remotely to train their dogs. The collars also have a silicone sleeve to make it comfortable for any dogs to wear them.

All of our dog spray training collars are CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL certified, ensuring your ability to tap into your target markets. We also offer OEM/ODM services to help build your brand in the pet care industry. Contact our sales team today!

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Training without Punishment

Painless and Harmless Spray

Patpet spray training collars are great alternatives to shock collars since regions such as the EU attach a stigma to the use of electricity on pets. The mist or spray is harmless to pets and people, allowing dog owners to train their pets without fear of harming or distressing them.

Various regional pet markets are open to your business thanks to the humane aspect of our dog spray training collar. Tapping into a wide range of target customers such as dog owners can translate into better profit margins for your business.

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Key Features

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    3 Training Options

    Dog owners can utilize the spray, vibration, or tone function of our training collars to correct their pets.

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    Citronella Spray

    The citronella mist emitted by our collars is non-toxic and safe for pets, humans, and the surrounding environment.

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    Water Resistant

    We have training collars with IPX5 waterproof rating that makes resistant against water spray. Our IPX7 collars can be dipped in 1 meter of water.

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    For dogs of any size

    We design our collars to fit nearly any breed, allowing you to draw in various dog owners within the market.

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    Quick Charge

    An empty battery of our spray training collars can reach full-charge within 2 hours and can last up to 192 hours.

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    1/2 Dog Training Option

    The dual-channel feature of our remote lets owners controls two different spray training collars with one transmitter.

Discover How Our Dog Spray Training Collars Work

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Your Benefits by Partnering With A Strong Factory

  • Professional Consultation

    Our experienced sales team gives you professional advice on the right dog training collar solutions based on your target market, including suggestions on the best spray training for specific regions and much more.

  • Marketing Support

    All of our spray training collars can come with customized content including logo design and packaging. Also, reputable foreign designers are responsible for conceptualizing our dog training collars.

  • ISO9000-compliant Supplier Management

    The strict screening process we implement to select our suppliers ensures we only use quality materials in our spray training collars, guaranteeing your order satisfies your customers’ high expectations.

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