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Patpet shock training collars deliver an adjustable electrical current to pets, allowing for corrective behavioral training among dog owners. The collars can fit nearly any dog types and are controllable via a remote unit. We design our remote controls to have an operational range from 300 meters to 1,000 meters.

You can rely on our production capability of 500,000 pieces per year minimum within our ISO 9001 certified factory. With our complete services, we help you reach out to dog owners in your target market. Ask for a free quote today!

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Static Strength Levels 1–16

Adjustable for Safe Static Correction

There’s no need for dog owners to worry about hurting their dogs while the Shock Mode is active. Our dog training shock collar provides adjustable 1–16 levels of static  strength. They can accurately adjust the accurate static strength and use the most appropriate level for their dogs. Even at the maximum level, the electric shock is below what dogs can tolerate and will only mildly alert the dogs.

Each of our dog training shock collars complies with strict international regulations on humane pet treatment. Safe and adjustable static strength levels give you a competitive edge in your regional pet market.

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Key Features

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    Separate Buttons

    Important functions are a single-button push away instead of combination presses, making training easy for dog owners.

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    Advanced Technology

    Our collars utilize the latest tech such as an anti-jamming function on the transmitter button.

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    Flexible Sizes

    We design our dog training collars to fit nearly any breed to help you accommodate any owners.

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    Premium Batteries

    The low power usage and superior voltage capacity ensure our dog training collar has up to 8 days battery lifespan.

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    IPX5-IPX7 Waterproof

    The incredible waterproof rating of our product allows dogs to bathe or swim while wearing our training collar.

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    2-Dog Training

    With the dual-channel feature, dog owners can control two collars worn by two dogs with one remote unit.

Discover How Our Dog Training Shock Collars Work

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Your Benefits by Partnering With A Strong Factory

  • Strong R&D Capabilities

    Our R&D team constitutes 30% of our entire office staff and uses 8% of our annual revenue to create seven new products each year.

  • Great Customer Support

    We have responsive customer support staff to answer your inquiries within 8 hours. You will even receive a free pre-sale consultation on which training collars are suitable for you.

  • Full Inspection

    Patpet utilizes comprehensive performance, appearance, and packaging  tests to ensure our shock training collars meet dog owners’ expectations.

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