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Dog training anti-bark collar A02

Train the dog easily and harmlessly with this electric dog collar. The collar can be used automatically. The vibration dog training collar can be used to help control barking with 8 level of vibration

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    Adjustable Levels

    The sensitive levels can be adjusted according to your needs

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    2 training Mode

    Patpet dog bark collar has 2 effective modes: Beep Mode, Vibration Mode 8 levels).

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    IPX5 Waterproof

    It is protected from rain, built in high quality waterproof ring, protect the battery from rain to the greatest extent.

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    Portable Battery

    AAA battery

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    Multi-sensor detection

    low false trigger rate, high sensitivity design to improve the trigger effectiveness;
    Patent-protected Shock Metal Sheet. makes pets more comfortable to wear and protect skin.

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    Easy to Use

    It will work automatically once you turn it on, and it will intelligently remember the level of effectiveness you set.

Training Steps

Tech Spec

  • Battery

    AAA batteries

  • Package Weight

    174g (6.14oz)

  • Package Dimensions

    120mm x 100mm x42mm

  • Tech


  • Fits Pets

    Small, Medium, Large

  • Sensors



A02 5

Strong Packaging

  • 1* Collar
  • 1* Collar Strap
  • 2* Contact Ponits
  • 2*Batteries
  • 1*User Manual
  • A02 6

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