Quality Control

Strict Selection of Raw Material Supplier

Patpet employs the best standards in selecting the raw materials we use for our products.

Applying a complete set of ISO9001-compliant supplier management systems, raw material suppliers are graded based on material quality and performance. Our process ensures that our products maintain excellent and consistent quality.


To provide our clients with the best dog training collars and bark control collars, Patpet goes through intensive quality control procedures from start to finish.

Step 1

Step 1

Inspection personnel fill out the inspection report, retains the defective samples for inspection, and make a pass or fail judgment based on inspection standards.

Step 2

Step 2

Personnel forwards inspection report to team lead for verification and confirmation. Defective and unqualified materials are reported back to the supplier for replacement within 48 hours.

Step 3

Step 3

Materials are marked “Passed” or “Rejected” based on quality inspection reporting. Information is given to suppliers and added to inspection records.

Step 4

Step 4

After the inspection of each batch of materials, inspection results are placed on the system and the inventory warehouse is divided into the ERP System.

Production Monitoring

Each batch of incoming materials is inspected according to our sampling plan, with control samples consistently checked for quality.

Continuous monitoring of materials and production ensures that the quality of our end products regularly meets industry standards.

A Series of Tests

We carry out more than 43 tests on all our training collars such as drop test and ESD static test to ensure they can satisfy your target demographics’ performance expectations.

The State-of-the-Art Machinery

Our commitment to high-end production capabilities with great R&D input requires investing in advance equipment.

Patpet utilizes the latest laser carvers, oscilloscope, battery comprehensive tester, and other machinery for optimize manufacturing and testing of training collars. Investing in top-grade equipment allows us to produce 500,000 pieces of quality collars per year.

Full Inspection Before Shipment

Patpet is committed to provide you the best dog collars and bark control collars. To ensure that the design, functionality and packaging are up to par with our standards, our products go through several tests and inspections.


Appearance Inspection

The appearance of each finished product is checked for deformities and irregularities to guarantee the visual appeal of the collars. Some of the items our team looks at are:

  • Colors – proper color separation, bleeding
  • Dimensions – proper height, weight, and length
  • Visual marks – scratches or other unwanted marks
  • Molding – no extra plastic after mold, deformation

Function Inspection

Upholding high standards for our products means they have to function as intended with every use. To make sure our collars are up to par, we check:

  • Button functions and LCD indicators
  • Test signal of spectrum analyzer per button press
  • Transmitter response
  • Power continuity
  • Shock or vibration intensity
  • No feedback
  • Missing parts

Packaging Inspection

Proper packaging not only protects the contents but also acts as a visual marketing tool for our products. Before products ship out, we check:

  • Quality of wrap materials and packaging boxes
  • Damage or discoloration of the outer packaging
  • Print quality
  • Manuals, warranty cards, and other printed media

Lower Than 4% of Refund Rate

Patpet has maintained a refund rate of 4%, relatively lower from the 5%-6% that the industry experiences.

Thanks to a commitment to strict quality standards, from material selection to processing and quality control, we provide dog and bark control collars that satisfy the market.

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