Patpet Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep (10lbs - 120lbs)

2 in 1 Dog Training Collars

Patpet 610B Dual Dog Shock Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration (1-16 level)
  • Shock (1-16 level)

Patpet 650B Two Dog Training Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration
  • Shock (1-16 level)

Patpet 320B Two Dog Shock Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration (1-8 level)
  • Shock (1-16 level)

Patpet 682B Two Dog Remote Shock Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration
  • Shock (1-16 level)

Patpet 370B Two Dog Shock Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration
  • Shock (1-16 level)

Patpet 690B Two Dog Shock Collar

  • Tone
  • Vibration
  • Shock (1-16 level)

About These 2 Dog Shock Collar

These handy remote dog shock collar makes it a snap to coach your best hairy friend. They can training 2 dogs at the same time, multi-adjustable levels of vibration and static shock permit you to tailor this collar to your pet’s precise wants. This versatile collar makes it easier than ever to stay your toddler out of the rubbish will, discourage them from running into the road, or forestall them from pull too laborious on their leash. Plus, with button training, you’ll even train your best pal to prevent barking, bad behavior.

  • 3 Training Modes – Electric Shock, Vibration, and Beep train with multi customizable levels for all sizes of dogs from 10 to 120lbs
  • Smart Protection Waterproof Receiver – The receiver of 2 dog shock collar with remote is IPX7 waterproof, your dog can swim or bathe freely with the collar
  • Blind Operation Design –  Easy and effective dog training with touch distinguishing buttons

What's Included

1*Remote Transmitter
1*Receiver & Adjustable Collar
4*Contact Points
4*Conductive Silicone
1*Charging Adapter
1*USB charging cable
1*Test Light
1*User Manual

(As Patpet P-320 for example ⇒)

Two Dog Shock Collar Including - Patpet

Additional Details

Many of these dog collars are designed to be humane for your dog and especially for its owner. They are also designed for certain activities and tasks that help train dogs. They are well built so they become an all-weather design that can be water-resistant or waterproof. The convenient part of using a dog collar is the controller which activates the collar using a radio signal.

If you often work over two dogs at a time, it is quite inconvenient to use a separate receiver collar and transmitter unit combination for every individual dog. as luck would have it, there are have coaching collars accessible that permit you to use one transmitter with multiple dogs.

When employing a 2 dog training collars, it’s necessary to know that these systems area unit designed to permit you to correct any of the dogs. However, it’s solely attainable to correct one dog at any given time, and it’s out of the question to correct all the dogs at the same time.

Instead, the transmitter unit for these systems can have a toggle or separate buttons for every dog. With simply a touch of observation, it’s quite straightforward to use these systems. Of course, correcting the proper dog at the proper time is vital once employing a dual-dogs unit. Since the collars that associate with these systems area unit typically color-matched with the colors on the transmitter unit, it’s straightforward to stay things straight.

How to Setup the Dual Dog Training Collars

In 2021, it is very easy to training two dogs in one remote control at the same time. You just need to buy dual remote dog collar, then after the pair “Dog 1”, change the switch to “Dog 2”, pairing it the same method.

If you still don’t know how to do it, here take patpet p-320 as an example, you can complete the pairing in 5 steps.

two dog training collars - Patpet

1. Press the “Dog 1/2” button, and select Dog 1

2. Turn on the remote and turn off the receiver, press and hold the “ON/OFF” button  on the receiver for 4-5 seconds

3. The Green LED will blink for about 10 seconds indicating that it is ready for pairing

4. Press  the “Tone”  for 2-3 seconds, when the LED flashes green light 5 times, it indicating successful pairing

5. Short press the “Dog 1/2” button, select “Dog 2”, then follow the above pairing steps from step 2-4

Uses for Two Dog Shock Collar

These multi-unit systems will work well for any type of dog, albeit you’re operating a small dog and an enormous dog at an identical time. In fact, there are unit even multiple coaching dog collar systems that are designed specifically to permit you to combine and match pet sizes, providing one collar for a little dog and another for a bigger dog.

However, if one dog needs a distinct level of electronic stimulation than the opposite, it’s vital to recollect to modify the correction level before administering a correction. Again, the very fact that the collar colors match the colors on the transmitter management makes it straightforward to match the right correction to the proper dog.

A two-dog shock collar usually the best get for folks that train searching dogs, or people who work with them within the field. as a result of you’ll be able to manage two dogs with only 1 transmitter unit, two-dog training collars will give tons valuable and convenient. within the case of dog groups that area unit trained to figure closely along, two dog shock collar system is priceless.

In addition to being helpful for dogs within the field, 2 dog shock collars may also be quite handy reception. For families that have 2 dogs, employing a two collar system will save time, effort, and cash. rather than wanting to get a separate transmitter and collar for every pet, it’s attainable to easily use one transmitter and dual collars.

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