What kind of no shock dog collar fits best for your dog

There are plenty of activities that dogs prefer to do when it comes to letting them freely wander around. They usually do things of their own accord. But, when they are under control, they can be helpful and loyal to their master. And this was done for the first time back in 1960. The dogs were kept under control through electric high-powered collars around their neck. And, this led them to control dogs.

No shock dog training collars vibrate, and beep to make spontaneous stimuli dog’s behavior. And, these vibrating and sounds are adjusted based on the dog’s temperament. These shock collars have been found useful as they make it easy by making our pets do what we expect them to do for us.


How do training collars works

Most dog collars are made up of two main components: a remote transmitter and a collar receiver. The remote dog training collar operates by sending a radio signal from the remote. These signals are then transmitted to your dog’s collar receiver. Finally, the collar triggers vibration, shock, or tone to correct undesirable behavior.

Some remote contains LED screen to increase and decrease the correction level. Transmitter also comes as rechargeable and can be used for many days. All you need is to recharge it once its battery gets low.

There are two small metal prongs attach to the collar which directly touches the dog’s neck.

There are also waterproof remote transmitters available for those dogs who are sporty

The advantages of different types of ‘No Shock Dog Collar'

We want our dog to have a friendly and purposeful relationship with us. Well, we need to be well aware of what makes both us and our dog happy. Specifically, we have several training collars and each has its benefits. Below are the types of collars and we will be explaining the benefits of each collar.


The basic modes to train your dog is vibration, beep, and shocks. The use of verified technology enables us to use multiple modes.

a. Vibration, tone, shock

b. Vibration, tone, vibration + tone

c. Vibration, tone, spray


Our products have range up to 600 meters. The other unique features are waterproof for sporty dogs. The shock, vibration, and tones enable quick correction and keep correction faster. The vibration and shocks have the adjustable level for vibration and shocks. The citronella spray is a non-toxic, harmless solution filled up in the collar. It is burst into the dog’s snout when the button is pressed.

Bark collars have vibration, shocks, and spray. The shocks have 7 levels adjusted in such a way that they harmlessly train your dog. And, the shocks are usually automatically given when your dog barks. On the other hand, the spray used in collars makes your dog stop barking without any harm. There are two levels of spray and beeps to control the barking of your dog.

Vibration collars  (vibrating dog collar no shock)

vibrating dog collar no shock

Choosing the collars for deaf dogs could be a hard task for inexperienced people. This because deaf dogs cannot hear beeps. Thus, vibrating dog training collars are used to get deaf dogs’ attention. Sometimes, you can take your deaf dog for hunting, and you command to come out of your car at the right time to attack. You may not get a response from your deaf dog with the use of a non-vibrational collar.

Below are the more specific benefits of using vibration dog collars.

  1. The vibration collar dogs can be used to train aggressive dogs.
  2. A deaf dog can be treated like a normal dog using a vibration collar.
  3. It can be hard for both deaf dogs to understand commands when they are distant. So, the vibration collars can make dogs understand the commands.
  4. When your dog shows unsought behavior, vibration can give a notification to him.

Bark collars  (dog bark collar no shock)

A12V dog bark collar no shock

Bark collars are designed for those dogs which have a behavior of excessive barking. The concept of bark collars is usually considered animal abuse. However, there is no other better way than to use a better collar for your dog. Dog barks and that is what it should be taken as normal. Dr. Katherine Houpt, VMP, a professor at the Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine. She says that dogs bark for a specific reason and you can make your dog stop without resorting to a bark collar.

Your dog barks excessively at everything that comes across, e.g., children and vehicles. This weird and aggressive behavior makes you and the surrounding more uncomfortable. And even, excessive barking can make your dog more sensitive to the presence of others around.

Citronella(spray) bark collar

510 Citronella(spray) bark collar

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. Dog trainers use our quality spray bark collar that bursts citronella sprays into the dog’s nose. The spray is only activated when the collar senses the third and seventh barks within 80 seconds. And the decibel ranges from 300Hz ~ 1.6kHz. And, once a dog learns that whenever he barks, he smells some odor, then he stops barking.

Buy training collars at wholesale prices to increase profit in the long run. We give the customized solutions to suit your needs.

There are also other ways to treat the barking issue of your dog. You can visit our category to find the best one for your dog. way to treat barking issues. Because sometimes dogs bark even after smelling such odor scents. 

Soraya V. Juarbe-Diaz, D.V.M is a resident who worked with volunteer dog owners. She says, “Either type of collar can be a supplement or a substitute to behavior modification. The dog owners who tested these collars for our study felt the citronella spray was more effective and more humane than an electric shock.”

Citronella bark collars were advertised in the united states for the first time in 1995. Later on, its demand increased in European countries when shocks were considered illegal.

The citronella spray collars are now gaining popularity. Since dog owners have realized the importance of the positive aspects of using sprays. When the dog barks, the collar releases a misty puff which distracts the dog from further barking.

Are our training collars safe for dogs?

The restructured technology of collar is safe for dogs. They not only guide your dog in finding the whereabouts of anyone or guide movements on the road. They also keep your dog more accountable around you without hurting it. The more you train your dog, the more it will live responsibly around you.

And, when you take your dog out for a walk, always be careful. Anything bad could be expected. This is because dogs love to wander around and they enjoy it. And in fact, you would never want your dog to be trapped in the middle of heavy road traffic unable to cross.

You can search for a reflective dog collar. The glow from reflective material can make it less probable for your dog to be hit by any vehicle in the dark. This reflective dog collar is the normal collar. We suggest that it can be used with the remote dog collar to train in the evening.

Can you use training collars on a puppy?

A puppy is a baby who is quick to learn but innocent to be treated as an adult dog.  

Puppies need extra care and effort to put over the training. And if you want your puppy to be well trained in advance, then you can do it with the latest collar technology. For this, your puppy should be at least 6-8 months old. 

Not all dog owners take their puppies out of home all the time, e.g., office hours. You keep your dog at home for long hours due to the office. And, you would never want neighbors to be bothered because your dog has been barking. For this, you can use collars of beep and vibration mode when you train the puppy. All you need is to give a gentle nudge and train slowly until your puppy learns what to do and what not.

Always keep the stimulation level at the lowest setting before training your puppy. Gradually increase until he seems to react to stimulation level.

Why we have to use ‘no shock collars’?

The no-shock collars have turned out to be revolutionary for training dogs. They can show positive effects on dogs. No-shocks collars use vibrations and lower the aggressive behavior of your dog. Most dog owners prefer vibration collars. they say these no-shock collars address many behavioral issues triggered by other collars. People who know the idea of no-shock collars prefer to buy either beep or vibration collars. Many owners also told as feedback that it is very easy to set up no-shock collars. They can set up collars very easily for the training.

No-shock functions efficiently making the dog more accountable and responsible around you.

What crowd are more suited for no shock dog training collar

  1. The dog is very gentle, just want to train it, make it more understand master’s mind
  2. Puppy owner thinks he can change his bad behavior at an early age
  3. The People who no trust shock function, believe the shock function is very harmful to the dog, inhumane, and never to be used

How to find the effective collar for all your dog

Not everyone is expertise in choosing the right collar for their dog. And picking a suitable collar for a dog is not only confusing but also difficult.

While choosing a collar, you look for specific features, and then you will choose the right collar. Is it? So, yes. These are the following things owners have to look for while choosing collars.






You take your dog out for walks and so often go home making the collar dirty. You might be uncomfortable taking your dog for long walks if the collar catches dust easily. Choosing a dark color could be better often. Since dust over dark colors can be unnoticeable.

Always choose the best quality while buying training collars for your dog. You can check this out by looking at whether or not the product is manufactured by a trustworthy company.


The comfortability factor is important in the sense that it can make both owner’s and dog’s life easy. The material and the quality of the collar defines how much comfortable the dog can be. Always choose light leather and nylon for small dogs. However, large dogs refer to good quality, since the larger the dog is the less immune it can be to diseases. Collars sometimes have low-quality material, which may cause infections and suffer your dog.

One of the factors that matter a lot is the comfortability of your dog when it comes to the collar. People often get confused about whether it should be tight over the neck or too loose. Let me mention clearly that a collar in the neck should be ideal. This means a collar must not be too loose or too tight. And the space between a collar and neck should look perfect all the time. For this, the rule is you should be able to slide two fingers between the collar and the neck. It also should not be so tight that you would not be able to slide your fingers in.

Moreover, a collar could be easily slid out of the neck which is a problem. We would suggest using a training collar for not more than 6 hours since too long may hurt your dog.

Comfort to fit the collar


To ensure safety, efficiency, and quality, always prefer collars containing potentially harmless chemicals. You can head over to the collar category on our website. Our product provides accountability and assurance and meets the ISO standards. Dog owners, now more than ever, need trust and clarification. We build trust. We meet the international standard to alleviate any factors that can cause your dog any harm.


You have a dog means you love dogs. You care about your dog. You should always have an idea about the quality of a collar at the rudimentary level. Since this can make you generalize about the quality of the collar.

If you have many dogs, a single transmitter with multiple-dogs-controlling features would work. You can also shift the correction level before directing to change the modes on a single dog.

To make it clearer, it would be better to follow the manual that comes with the collar kit. It is always clearly written about which mode is for one dog system and which mode is for multiple dog systems. Having this feature is very beneficial. This advantage of remote should be taken if you have adopted multiple dogs.

Adjustable modes of operation

When you are looking for a collar for your dog, do not just always stick to how it will look over your dog’s neck. Go for how much flexibility it shows in the neck. Check for adjustment levels for your dog with different sensitivity and weight. The level of adjustments is created upon the choice of owner and dog’s comfortability. Also, the modes of tone and frequency of vibration are adjusted according to the dog. For example, there is a threshold of vibration for deaf dogs.

Our products have multiple modes: vibration, harmless shocks, and spray. On the single remote, all modes are available. All you need to do is to switch between channels. Always use tone modes for puppies to make it less harmful for them. On the other hand, start from the low level of shocks for dogs as they cannot pay attention to tones. Or, you can also use vibration modes to train your dog.  

Get what you need. We have a very excellent quality of collars available.

Training mode

Before you train your dog, it is important to know how you will train your dog. There are special styles define for dog training. The most appropriate way to train your dog is through vibration collars and then beep ones. We also have shocked and spray collars too.

Firstly, the remote transmits signals through specific vibrations to collars. a dog reacts according to the type of vibration the receiver in the neck receives. This is the most effective and versatile way to train your dog. Secondly, the beep keeps you in contact with your dog without hurting him. But this does not work over deaf dogs. The last one is electric shock collars. the shocks are used to reduce the unwanted behavior from the dog. One needs to train himself before using electric shock collars. And a dog owner needs to follow instructions till he understands each step clearly.

Remote range

The range is an important factor when it comes to buying a collar. The remote must remain in a certain position from the dog’s collar. Sometimes mishaps happen that your dog moves to out of range and you fail to control it. We have remote controls available in two options in terms of range

  1. The range up to 300m (984.252 ft/ 328.084 yards)
  2. The range up to 600m (1968.5 ft/ 656.168 yards)

If you want your dog to be around your house, then you would probably need a collar in the range of 300m. And we would recommend you to go for around this range. In an unleash situation, you would probably need a remote of 600m in which your dog would obey your command. An important thing to keep in mind is that to get full range, the area should be open and flat. And there should be nothing between the receiver and the transmitter.


Before choosing a collar for your dog, it is important to know the size of your dog’s neck. A poorly fitting collar could be very dangerous to your dog if you are away from home.

So, the best way to know your dog’s neck size is by using measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape between the collar bone and ears of your dog. And then, with that add two inches, and now you have the neck size of your dog. If you put two fingers underneath of collar, it should be fit well. Neither it should be loose enough to slip out of the neck nor should it be too tight to strangle your dog.

Recommend the best dog collars

You have an idea of what kind of collars would you prefer for your dog. And now, ready to buy? Don’t wait. Head over to our dog collars page and buy the perfect collar for your dog. You will be fully satisfied. We follow the ISO standard and you will regret to come again. But make sure that you have properly filtered by dog’s neck size, price, range, and brand that best fits your dog. All you prefer is the safety of your dog when it comes to using collars. You can search in the category on our website, and choose the one that suits you best.
And so, why should you come to Patpet? We have 7 years of experience with the positive feedback of our customers. All the products ensure high quality, high standard, and satisfaction for our customers. The products belong to our R&D and productions, guarantees the safety of your dog. The 6 products of our company are listed among the top 12 training collars on Amazon. And, to meet customers’ needs we consistently add 7% new collar products annually in the market. Our product passes performance and quality assurance test to meet, local, national, and international quality standards to the product.



Vibrate: 1-16 levels



Spray ( L – H Level)



Citronella dog device



Vibrate: 1-8 levels
Vibrate + Tone


As a dog owner and dog lover, you would have an idea that how much important the collar could be. And, you would prefer your dog to be trained enough to obey every command you give. For this, you would be searching for the right type of collar that fits best for your dog.

Our products are guaranteed and our factories are ISO certified. You would enjoy experiencing our products. If you want your dog to wear the right kind of collar that ensures quality and safety then you are in the right place. Therefore, we would recommend you to take a chance to visit our website and choose the best for your dog. Enjoy!

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