Continous Innovation in

Manufacturing Dog Training Collars & Bark Collars

Patpet is committed to investing in R&D and developing high-quality dog training and bark collars. If you are a wholesaler & retailer, partner with us and get effective dog training solutions with our collars at a factory price.

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What We Offer

Explore our comprehensive selection of dog training collars & bark collars designed with the utmost care for safety to correct barking and other undesirable behaviors.

Dog Training Collars
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    Dog Training Shock Collars

    Our dog training shock collars deliver safe electrical shocks of varying intensity and duration, helping effective dog training.
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    Dog Spray Training Collars

    With only a burst of spray, teaching dogs all the skills they need to become the most well-mannered pets is achievable.
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    Vibration Training Collars

    With up to 8 levels of vibration strength, trainers can give dogs an accurate and efficient amount of stimulation to prompt better behavior.
Bark Collars
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    Bark Shock Collars

    The collar automatically emits a safe amount of shock or static when a dog barks.
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    Spray Bark Collars

    Patpet spray bark collar releases a nontoxic and safe citronella mist to help trainers control their dogs’ barking habit.
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    Anti Bark Vibration Collars

    Control dog's barking habit with an automatic vibrating alert delivered by our anti bark vibration collars.

Well-Designed Details Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Patpet dog training products have user-friendly buttons, safety measures, and other superior features, which make our solutions more efficient in teaching dogs than competing products.

  • easy-to-use button

    Easy-to-Use Button

    Instead of a control knob, we utilize three buttons positioned top to bottom to adjust the collar’s intensity. The buttons are easier to manipulate for anyone, including elderly or disabled pet owners.

  • two sensors for double protection

    Double Protection

    Our collars have two safety sensors that prevent accidental triggering. The sensors ensure our bark collars are activated only when a dog barks, allowing for efficient corrective training on dogs’ uncontrollable barking.

  • drop resistance design

    Drop Resistance Design

    Patpet products have unique design features, such as four friction pads on the remote control, which provide trainers with a better grip. Make a strong impression on your target market with detailed features.

  • silicon rubber case of the dog training collars

    Silicon Rubber Case

    Soft black silicone sleeves cover the metallic points to make the collar comfortable to wear without sacrificing the stability and effectiveness of the dog training product.

Boost Your Business with Patpet's Technological Philosophy

Patpet's R&D team is constantly improving collars and pet products to give your business a significant edge over your competitors.

  • Improved ID Design 

    We consistently upgrade our ID design according to market trends and invite foreign designers to provide their product concepts. Constant improvements ensure you can timely tap into market demands.
  • Functional Upgrade 

    While we currently have collars with beep, vibration, spray, and static modes, we are constantly researching new features to help you satisfy new demands in the market.
  • Transit Interactive Mode 

    We constantly upgrade the interface, display and functions of the collars and have them fully inspected to ensure that they are efficient in assisting dog owners with training, and that the data on the remote transistor is clear and easy to read.
  • Additional Model Compatibility  

    Patpet's R&D team ensures our collars have better model adaptability than other products. We make it possible for you to attract various owners with different dog breeds in the market.
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You Can't Afford to Miss

Assured Profits with Patpet's Strict Price Control

Patpet’s price policy requires all our partners to set their prices that no lower than the prices of our products in other regions.

We regularly monitor our business partners and will terminate any future cooperation if retailers or distributors do not comply with our price control.

The policy ensures that you will not be forced to lower your prices to match other retailers, securing a consistent profit for your business.

  • monitor our partners on the price setting

More Benefits

  • a variety of dog training collar products
  • many certifications our products get
  • production monitoring of the dog training collars
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    Diverse Choice

    From shock bark collars and spray collars to vibration dog training collars, we help you attract multiple demographics.

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    Certified Products

    All of our collars have passed CE, RoHS, FCC, waterproof rating, and UL testing certification.

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    Customized Solutions

    We offer customized color, logo pattern, packaging, and other content to meet your business needs.

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    Flexible MOQ

    While our MOQ is 500, we are willing to negotiate in lowering the requirement to match your needs.

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    1-Year Warranty

    All of our collars are covered by a 1-year warranty and comprehensive aftersales service.

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    Fast Delivery

    Orders that are within 1,000 pieces can be delivered within 3 to 5 days.

6 Steps to Help Your Project Succeed

  • pre-sale consultation to determine solutions that address clients' requirements

    Professional Consultation

    We offer a free pre-sale consultation to determine which solutions address your requirements.

  • design the products to meet the customized needs

    Customized Design

    From logo to packaging, we help drive your brand with our customization services.

  • make precise quotes and offer discounts

    Accurate Quote

    Patpet always provides precise quotes and offers discounts on your wholesale orders.

  • fast prototype of dog training collars

    Fast Prototype

    You will receive your custom collar sample immediately upon the completion of the final design concept.

  • the worker focuses on welding the products

    Mass Production

    We can achieve production of 500,000 pieces per year to fulfill your large-volume orders.

  • the packaging of the dog training collars ready for shipment

    Fast Delivery

    We have up to 50,000 collars in stock, ready for immediate shipping.

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